A complete set of modulesto automate your house

Market research page for an IoT solution to help enhance your building's sustainability and reduce energy costs by automating everyday tasks.

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Smart Sprinklers

Check the best time of the day to turn on by using humidity sensors and the weather forecast.

sprinkler weather water
Smart Bulbs

Adjust the bulbs' brightness according to the surrounding luminosity.

bulb light energy
Air Conditioner System

Maximize air conditioner efficiency by using temperature/humidity sensors.

fan temperature energy

Personalised Modular System

In addition to the three modules presented above a set of additional modules will be available such as:

  • Cameras
  • Smoke detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Brightness sensors
  • Movement sensors

All of these sensors will be connected to a central hub that uses artificial intelligence and the information provided by several sensors to optimize the gadgets’ efficiency and learn the user’s habits.

Mobile App

Check the statistics for each device individually, energy consumption, and sensors data over time.

The mobile application will allow you to control every device connected to the central hub and configure it to adapt to your habits and turn it on and off from anywhere.

Check your cameras and automate your life with an intuitive mobile app.

An easy way to control your devices

About Us

We are a team of two computer engineers and a QA engineer from Connect Enterprises , based on Lisbon, Portugal. We like challenges, so we accepted a challenged created by our company called Change Box, a variant of Adobe's Kickbox project, focused on the theme: help combat climate change. Our idea, that we are presenting to you now, was one of the top three ideas, so we are doing a market research on our concept to analyse its potential.

Our mission

Greeners mission is to help combat energy and water waste, by automating and increasing the efficiency of multiple devices used on infrastructures all around the world.


Check our frequently asked questions and get to know more about our vision and our product.

This solution is still on a market research phase and there is nothing developed yet. We are still evaluating the product's potential and is yet unknown the time that will took to go from the concept idea to the first prototype.
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On an initial phase the product will be sold through online sales.
Greeners distinguishes itself from the other IoT solutions because the main focus is on maximizing each device's efficiency and decreasing energy costs and water waste.

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