My name is Diogo Peres and I'm a Full Stack Web Developer from Lisbon, Portugal.

I work for an amazing company called e.near, where I help in the development of a betting platform for a major company in the games industry.

Working with the best is what drives me forward to learn more and develop with more quality.


  • HTML / CSS3
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • React.js
  • Spring


  • Photoshop
  • IntelliJ
  • Illustrator
  • Sony Vegas
  • Ableton


  • Web developer at sky.
  • Moved to another team to work as a full-stack developer to create multiple slot games using PixiJS and NodeJS.
  • Front-end developer. Working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS to develop a betting site for a major company in the games industry. Developing some of the back-end using Java and Spring. Working with technologies as Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker and much more.
  • Develop a B2B platform using Outsystems.
    Develop part of the CRM integration layer for one of the majors Portuguese telecommunication's company, using technologies such as: TIBCO (SOA and BPM), Java, SOAP and SVN.
    Create and develop a Sharepoint website.
  • Master's Degree in Information and Knowledge Management Systems.
    My dissertation was a generalized software application for operation of a 3D vehicle in air, water and land that can be found here
  • Degree in Computer Science.


Youtube Video Hider

Chrome extension to hide the video on youtube

Uses: Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap

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Market research page for an IoT solution.

Uses: Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Gulp

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Sliding Puzzle

Sliding puzzle game that counts your movements and the time it took to solve.

Uses: Javascript, SCSS, Webpack

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Puzzle Game

Random puzzles grabbed from picsum.com

Uses: Javascript, CSS, HTML

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Weather Forecast

Uses openweathermap.org API to retrieve weather data and waqi.info API to retrieve air quality data

Uses: Javascript, CSS, Jest

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Project in development

This project is being developed

Come back later and see the new things I've been working on

See all my projects on my github page: github.com/diogoperes